Box Office: KGF [Hindi] is finding more audience than Zero in the second weekend

Box Office: KGF [Hindi] is finding more audience than Zero in the second weekend

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Now this is a big surprise, and something that nobody could have imagined. When KGF [Hindi] decided to arrive with Zero, nobody called it a shock per se. In fact, it was not even considered a battle since the ex was seen as a non-entity in front of an important character like the protagonist of Shah Rukh Khan. No one paid attention to the arrival of this dubbed movie.

However, what is resulting in the box office is a complete anti-climax. On its second weekend, KGF [Hindi] now earns more than Zero. While Zero brought Rs. 1 year * plus Saturday, KGF [Hindi] has collected Rs. 1.75 crore. This is in line with the way the trend was on the second Friday, as well as when Zero stood at Rs. 1 crore * while KGF [Hindi] was more in Rs. 1.25 crore. Now the trend is expected to continue as well, and even if the figures are similar, KGF [Hindi] will still have a higher weekend due to the leadership that has already been taken.

So far, Zero has collected Rs. Crore 91 and how are things today, Rs. 100 million years of useful life is becoming a difficult decision. On the other hand, KGF [Hindi] is currently in Rs. 24.11 crore.

Interestingly, very few films in history have been stranded in the 90s. These are Welcome Back [Rs. 97 crore], Baby [Rs. 95.50 crore], Raajneeti [Rs. 93 crore], Talaash [Rs. 91 crore] and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara [Rs. Crore 90]. Now we have to see where Zero ends up finally.

*Dear. Expected final numbers

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