6 Most Expensive Bollywood Songs of all time

6 Most Expensive Bollywood Songs of all time

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Bollywood films work as one with song and movement, so we regularly see that there is a colossal charm and interest in Hindi melodies. We often find in the Hindi movie that there are strident and lively melodies that appear sequentially in the middle of the movies.

Some of these songs are very much a high-spending plan and have made producers contribute lots of cash to influence the melody and thus look so impressive. According to media reports, Crores and crores are invested to make those tunes in any case.

Those expensive songs are even impressive to watch. These are some of the most expensive songs that have been made in Bollywood.

1. Party All Night (6 crores)

This was one of the most expensive party songs with Akshay Kumar from the movie Boss. Unfortunately, the film did not succeed at the box office, but the song of the party, “Party All Night” caught the attention of the public. For this song, Akshay’s team, with Sonakshi Sinha and the song was filmed in a club in Bankok in half and at least 600 foreign models were there as back dancers! The song sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh stole the show completely and was made with a massive investment of Rs.6 crores.

2. Malang (5 crores)

Popular number of Dhoom 3 “Malang” presents Katrina and Aamir is one of the most expensive songs of all time. In the song, Aamir and Kat have been seen doing gymnastic acrobatics that were glorious. 200 gymnasts joined Aamir and Kat in the song and they all came from the United States to perform in the song. The entire group of gymnasts received training for almost 20 days, which in fact is an expensive adventure! The song was made with Rs 5 crores approximately.

3. Tha Karke (3 crores)

We can guess how expensive a film can be when directed by Rohit Shetty. And if we talk about Tha Karke’s song of Golmaal Returns, then it’s the same as Rohit’s tea cup. In this song at least 10 luxurious cars were bought to give a worthy pictorial touch to the song. Besides that, there were 180 fighters and 1000 background dancers and the shooting of the song took place in 12 days! Then, the expensive song of the Golmaal 2 was composed with the budget of Rs. 3 crores!

4. Saturday Saturday (3 crores)

Alia and Varun-starrer the Saturday Saturday song was made with the budget of Rs. 3 crore which is obviously a big problem. So the song is touted as one of the most expensive party songs in Bollywood.

5. Radha Nachegi (2.5 crores)

Another expensive song from the movie Tevar in which Sonakshi had been seen using an expensive lenga that was supposedly worth more than Rs. 75 lakhs! The remaining greatness of the song was made with the budget of Rs. 2.5 crores according to the producers!

6. Piya Ke Bazaar (2 crores)

The film Humshakals was undoubtedly a critical and commercially disappointing film and one of the Piya Ke Bazzar songs was made with the large amount of Rs. 2 crores!

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