Zomato, You cannot Make Concessions for Halal Meat and Then Claim ‘Food has no Religion’

Zomato, You cannot Make Concessions for Halal Meat and Then Claim ‘Food has no Religion’

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Another cultural battle started on Twitter. Food delivery service Zomato has started giving knowledge along with eating on Twitter. Today, Zomato said that there is no denomination of food, but food is in its own right.

A customer of Zamato refused to accept the delivery of food because the food was Muslim, and in the month of Shravan, he did not want to accept food from the hands of non-Hindus. It was the Zamoto’s right to cut the cancellation fee, which he cut But by turning back, he started giving ‘Knowledge’ that there is no religion of food, but food itself is religious in itself.

It was not enough to see so much ethical knowledge, and for Zamato, and its founder, Deepender Goyal, started taking the class of ethical education on Twitter. According to him, he is proud of the idea of India – and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. he aren’t sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values ‘.


The exact meaning of the so-called value of zomato is that, when a Muslim complains to eat non-halal, then zomato fell into its feet. At that time its ‘value’ became air, while the issue of halal-non-halal is the subject of religion and faith as much as the person who supplies food should be a Hindu or not.

And those who feel that this is a one-way politics, it must be reminded that the appeal of economic boycott of the federations has also happened in this country, and at that time, ‘Do not politicize’ today were always as usual.

I do not agree with the person tweeted . But the fact is that there is a professional way of dealing with such things, it is not for corporate companies to share knowledge on social media and become a contractor of ethics.

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