Zomato was Doing Exactly that Due to Which Mangal Pandey had Taken up Arms Against the British

Zomato was Doing Exactly that Due to Which Mangal Pandey had Taken up Arms Against the British

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History repeats itself by itself, you must have only heard it, but looking at what is now unfolding, one can say that yes, history is repeating itself in the present. Whatever was in the foundation of the first World War of Independence, it has now come out with the company zomato, which is becoming infamous for online food .. The way its employees in West Bengal have opened a front against the zomato company. Everyone is surprised to know that.

Mangal Pandey once came to know that the British had mixed cow and pig fat in the cartridge. This news was spread in the entire battalion and along with Mangal Pandey, all the Muslims also came to know that pig fat was added to their cartridges .. But only Mangal Pandey came to fight the war and openly deny it. Ishwari Pandey with him .. Here also comes the betrayal of a Paltu Sheikh who supported the British and later testified against Mangal Pandey .. while he himself got the fat of pig The cartridge had to be pulled through the teeth.

This is the way the online food delivery company named zomato has started on this path. It talks about forcibly taking food from the hands of a Muslim in the month of Sawan and asks not to return the money if not taken .. Initially there was support from Raj Babbar and Kashmir, then the company went further and later I started forcibly sending pork from the hands of Muslims. When the Muslim delivery staff refused, his salary was cut.

Here those faces are definitely exposed which name and opinion. Seeing the religion, they support and oppose someone. The Muslim community is also shocked after the news of selling pork by zomato and sending it to the Muslim staff.

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