Today, millions of people around the world are proud owners of Apple products, from smartphones to watches and laptops. The passion and creativity of a person have reached people in the corners of the world, which makes Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, one of the most influential people in the technology industry. Some say that Apple’s founder lost his balance on his way to success. However, few will disagree that Apple lost its sense of direction and pioneering spirit without Jobs in the front line. When designing one of the most amazing changes of the 20th century, Steve Jobs consolidated his name in history as an icon of American business.

All Apple fans know the story of how the son of a machinist with an interest in electronics set out to build a computer for every home that sparked the revolution of the personal computer. However, there are still some facts that are not common knowledge.

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Here are some lesser-known facts about one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs.

1. Apple
Jobs decided to name his company Apple in his visit to an organic farm to collect fruit. It was a fruit bowl and his diet consisted only of fruits and fish.

2. Apple font and font
After leaving university, Jobs continued his education by informally auditing the classes. One of those courses was a calligraphy course, which was fundamental in the future attention of Apple products to typography and the source.

3. Annual salary
Jobs’ annual salary at Apple was only $ 1 per year. However, he was a majority shareholder in Disney shares after selling Pixar and had about 5.5 million shares of Apple.

4. Packing
A complete team at Apple was dedicated to studying the experience of opening a box. Jobs insisted on reaching the level of emotion and emotional response that is now common with all Apple products.

5. Patents
About 346 United States patents have been listed with Steve Jobs named as the inventor or co-inventor. Apple’s famous glass staircase is a patented attraction that attracts passers-by to the store.

6. Mentor
Steve Jobs acted as a mentor to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of search engine giant Google. He even shared some of his advisors with the duo, but was furious when Google launched the Android operating system.

7. Pancreas cancer
When Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he waited for nine months before undergoing surgery. Instead, he opted for an alternative medicine regimen, which includes a vegan diet, acupuncture and herbal remedies, even consulting a psychic.

8. Bill Gates
Although they were rivals most of the time, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs took a good hit while holding an event together for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates even wrote a letter to Jobs about how Jobs felt very good about what he had done and the company he had built. Jobs appreciated the letter and kept it next to his bed.

9. Last words
To date, nobody has been able to decipher the last words of Steve Jobs that were “Oh, wow, wow, wow”. Jobs uttered these last words on his deathbed while looking over the shoulders of his family before passing away on October 5 at the age of 56.

10. Steve Jobs: The man with a mission
One of the most famous quotes of Steve Jobs is “I want to put a touch in the universe”. I think it’s safe to say that Steve Jobs managed to put more than just a touch into the universe.

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