Nazara, Delta Corp Invest Rs 40 Crore in Fantasy Sports Startup Halaplay

Nazara, Delta Corp Invest Rs 40 Crore in Fantasy Sports Startup Halaplay

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Nazara Technologies, which is a new gaming company for mobile devices together with the casino gaming company Delta Corp, has invested in the investment of Rs 40 in the fantasy sports player, Halaplay Technologies. This is the financing round of the beginning A series.

Nazara is an existing sponsor of the company based in Mumbai, which also has Kae Capital as an investor in the initial phase of the company.

The start of the games was founded by Prateek Anand, Swapnil Saurav, Aman Kesari and Ananya Singhal in 2017 and has obtained Rs 7 million in the funding round to date.

With the help of these new funds, Halapay will promote the development of its product, the commercialization and the expenditure of the equipment. The company has also seen 10x user growth in recent years to grow with more than one crore active players in the next cricket season.

“Seeing the turbulent market conditions, we have now been advised to keep our OPI plan on hold. We expect things to recover after May, “said Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara Technologies.

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