Major Drop in Petrol Price for Second Consecutive Day, Diesel price also Drop

Major Drop in Petrol Price for Second Consecutive Day, Diesel price also Drop

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New Delhi: Around 25 days after the drone attack on oil company Saudi Aramco, the rate of Petrol-Diesel Price has dropped in the domestic market for the second consecutive day. After 25 days, the first fall came on Thursday, after which the trend of decline continued on Friday. On Friday morning, the rate of petrol in Delhi fell by 18 paise and diesel by 8 paise per liter. Earlier, in the last 25 days, petrol had increased by about 3 rupees.

Here is today’s Rate

Petrol rate fell by 18 paise per liter in Delhi and 8 paise per liter in diesel on Friday morning. With this, petrol in Delhi reached Rs 74.33 and diesel Rs 67.35 per liter. Petrol prices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai on Friday remained at the level of Rs 76.96, Rs 79.93 and Rs 77.22 respectively. Diesel rates are also running at Rs 69.71, Rs 70.61 and Rs 71.16 respectively.

Crude oil also falls

After the attack on Saudi Aramco, the petrol rate had increased by about three rupees per liter. At the same time, diesel also became more expensive than one and a half rupees. Experts hope that there will be an atmosphere of stability in the price of crude oil. Brent crude reached $ 57.2 per barrel on Friday morning and WTI crude reached $ 52.69 per barrel.

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