Home and Car Loan Owners will get Good News! RBI can Announce this..

Home and Car Loan Owners will get Good News! RBI can Announce this..

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There is a continuous effort from the Modi government to overcome the slowdown of the economy . The festive season has also started, in such a situation, the RBI can also make some immediate arrangements to increase the demand in the market . In the opinion of experts, after the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), a big announcement can be made by the RBI on October 4. This time too, it is possible to declare a 25 basis point reduction in the RBI repo rate. Let us tell you that the meeting of RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will end on October 4.

The benefit to the customer

Be the demand in the market due to the reduction in the repo rate. Loans will become cheaper, especially home, car and consumer loans will be affected. People will again focus on shopping. Experts say that only by creating demand, the government can boost the economy.

Rate reduced every time in 4 meetings

Current business year, it has been announced to cut rate every time in 4 meetings of RBI MPC. Hopefully, the repo rate is cut this time too. Last time the repo rate was cut by 35 basis points.

Rate dropped by 1.10%

According to news agency Reuters, the repo rate has been cut by 1.10 percent so far this financial year. Currently, the repo rate is 5.40 percent. If the RBI reduces it further, it will be reduced by 25 basis points to 5.15 percent.

Expected to come down to 5 percent,

Market experts say that the RBI will bring down the Repo rate to 5 percent in this business year to increase the demand in the market. It is possible that RBI will make another deduction in the MPC meeting to be held in December.

Government reduced Corporate tax The

Central government has cut corporate tax in Hull to boost the economy. The government had brought it down to 22.5%.

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