West Bengal: TMC Government denies Permission to Rath Yatra of BJP and Says it will Create Communal Tension

West Bengal: TMC Government denies Permission to Rath Yatra of BJP and Says it will Create Communal Tension

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The government of West Bengal has rejected permission for the “Rath Yatra” proposed by BJP scheduled to start tomorrow from the state’s Coochbehar city, citing a possible communal tension as the reason against a division bank of Calcutta High on Thursday.

World Bank Prime Minister Mamta Banerjee has even taken a step forward and called “Rath Yatra” as “Ravan Yatra“. She stated that the TMC will counteract the rally with a ‘Pavitra Yatra’.

The state’s defense attorney reported Thursday morning to a judge of justice, Joymalya Bagchi, and Judge Tapabrata Chakraborty, that the Coochbehar police superintendent refused permission for the rat yatra of the BJP president scheduled to start on Friday. The BJP is expected to present its version to the bank.

The state argued that it could cause communal tension.

The president of the BJP West Bengal unit, Dilip Ghosh, said: “In a democratic organization, all political parties are free to continue their program, the government does not have to stop it, if the administration refuses permission, We can say that we will continue with the program without their consent, the program will be proposed and it will arrive at its destination, nobody can avoid it, “said Ghosh.

Last week, the BJP had reiterated that they will eliminate the “rath yatra” formally called “Ganatantra Bachao Yatra” or a rally to save democracy, even if the administration denies them permission.

The BJP had moved the Calcutta High court on December 5, saying it had not yet been given permission to take three rallies in West Bengal, which will begin on December 7.

BJP had claimed before the court of Justice Tapabrata Chakraborty that several letters sent to the DG-IGP and the secretary of the area, requesting permission for the three meetings, did not receive any response.

However, Advocate General Kishore Dutta had told the court that the DG-IGP or the household secretary was not the competent authority to grant permission for rallies, which, as a political party, the petitioner (BJP) should have known .

The BJP campaign is scheduled to start from the Coochbehar district in the north on December 7, from Kakdwip in the Parganas district of the south on December 24 and from the Tarapith temple in the Birbhum district on December 14.

On November 30, the state BJP unit filed a petition seeking the court to direct it to the administration to ensure approval of the program that is supposed to travel through the state’s 294 constituencies in more than 40 days.

Three routes, air-conditioned buses, will be marked from the Madan Mohan temple in Cooch Behar on Friday, Kakdwip near the Ganga Sagar pilgrimage at the confluence of the Hooghly River and the Bay of Bengal on December 9 and the temple city of Tarapith on December 14.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is supposed to go to four public rallies at different points of the yatra in Durgapur, Malda, Srirampur and Krishnagar.

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