The iPhone is Reportedly going OLED-only in 2020

The iPhone is Reportedly going OLED-only in 2020

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Apple could remove LCDs from the iPhone line next year, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. That interesting, but not entirely surprising, revelation is hidden in an article about the struggles of a Japanese supplier in the wake of disappointing iPhone XR sales.

The news, which is courtesy of people familiar with the subject, makes sense, since the prices of visualization technology should go down, which makes it more accessible for more people. It remains to be seen if Apple is giving up the budget taking on its flagship, but the XR seems not to have received the reception in which the company was betting.

Apple has minimized any disappointment, noting that the cheapest phone (starting at $ 250 less than the XS) has been the “most popular iPhone” since it went on sale in October. But mobile phone sales are declining in all areas, a phenomenon that is hardly specific to Apple.

In addition, moving to high-level technology in all areas is only part of the inevitable march of progress, although the company is still expected to launch a successor with LCD screen for the XR later this year. Meanwhile, several competitors will dip their toes in the folding waters of the screen in 2019, although the technology is not expected to fully integrate in the future.

2020 will also be the year that Apple moves to an iPhone 5G.

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