The Bollywood films that we expect this November

The Bollywood films that we expect this November

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November has a great week of holidays to come and it is a good time to rest, relax and watch movies. There are quite a few Bollywood box office hits that will be released this month and we are here for that. Hindi cinema is in a transitional phase with a mix of unconventional films and approaching formula hits, so it’s a good time to experiment! Scroll through a list of movies we’re promoting this month.

Thugs of hindostan

This Diwali movie is backed by a serious star power. We have Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif in what looks like an epic costume drama. The action-adventure movie definitely has us interested. Its plot is based on the novel Confessions of a thug by Philip Meadow Taylor and we can not wait to see it adapted on the big screen.


If you’ve been wanting to wander in Bollywood horror movies, now is probably the best time. There is remarkable progress in the genre and the upcoming movie Lupt could be an exciting journey. On the fence with all these horror things? Well, Lupt has Javed Jaffri in a plan of terror! Were sold.


Based on the popular short story by Ismat Chugtai entitled ‘Lihaaf’, the film revolves around the Chugtai trial after it received widespread criticism from conservative circles. For those who do not know, Chugtai, one of India’s best-known Urdu writers, was accused of obscenity because the plot of the story implied Begum’s sexual relationship with his masseuse. A film with a theme of social relevance whose time has come.


2.0 is the sequel to Robot and we’re watching this movie because … Rajinikanth! The superstar is back with a level version of Chiti the Robot and we can not wait to see the update. Watch this also to marvel at the transformation of Akshay Kumar into a villain like a vulture.


Full disclosure, the Pihu trailer scared us. The thriller is about a child who is left alone to fend for himself, while his parents seem to be incapacitated. It’s the nightmare version of Home Alone and something tells us it’s going to be a pretty creepy movie. We are definitely reviewing this.

It’s a summary of our list of Bollywood films for November 2018! Look at this space to see more content related to movies.

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