Matchbox to Missiles, Everything India has, is due to Congress, says Priyanka

Matchbox to Missiles, Everything India has, is due to Congress, says Priyanka

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has been campaigning in UP for the next general election. According to reports, during her Amethi tour yesterday, when Priyanka was asked her opinion about the Shakti Mission, she declared: “From the matchbox to the missiles, everything that India has today, has been granted by Congress.”

Prime Minister Modi had announced yesterday the success of India’s Shakti Mission, which saw the entry of India into the group of elite nations in the world after the DRDO ASAT successfully destroyed a satellite in LEO.

After the news of the significant achievement, the leaders of the Congress had been on a collective streak to claim that the credit for the achievement should go to Nehru.

Priyanka Vadra, speaking with the people of Amethi during her tour, stated that MP Narendra Modi only toured abroad and that everything that India has achieved is due to Congress. He stated that the experience in the manufacture of match boxes for missiles is due to Congress.

On the DRDO feat, Priyanka said she is proud of the DRDO and that it was only possible because Nehru had established the organization.

When Priyanka was asked that poverty had not been eradicated from the country even after 60 years of congressional government, he declared that the BJP leaders want to affirm that poverty has not been eradicated at all. He added that poverty has been addressed to some extent.

In squeezing BJP candidate Amethi from Smriti Irani, Priyanka said that she comes to Amethi just for a picnic, while for the Gandhi family, Amethi is at home.

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