Rahul Gandhi Says : BJP Manifesto is The Voice of an Isolated Man, it is Short Sighted and Arrogant.

Rahul Gandhi Says : BJP Manifesto is The Voice of an Isolated Man, it is Short Sighted and Arrogant.

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi has targeted the resolution of the BJP issued for the Lok Sabha elections 2019. The Congress President, while claiming the BJP’s manifesto as the voice of a person, claimed that this closed room has been prepared and lacks foresight in it. He claimed that his party’s manifesto has been prepared after a long discussion and it contains public voice. Gandhi tweeted, “Congress manifesto is ready through consultation. It includes the voice of more than 1 million Indian citizens. This is a smart and effective document. ‘

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He claimed, “The BJP manifesto has been prepared in closed room. It has the voice of a person isolated. It is short and ego filled. ‘

Significantly, for the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP released its manifesto on Monday in the name of ‘Sankalp Patra’. In this, the BJP has reiterated the commitment of ‘zero tolerance’ against terrorism, with an emphasis on national security. Along with this, after the age of 60, many promises have been made, including giving pension to farmers and small shopkeepers.

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In response to Rahul’s mockery, the leader of the BJP, Smriti Irani, said that Rahul Gandhi is obsessed with the BJP and only if he has shown the same obsession for the welfare of the nation, we should have known his vision for the country.

Smriti added that despite having a vision, there is a question mark on the efficiency of Rahul, since the nation knows the condition of Amethi, ANI reported. The leader of the BJP commented that, on the one hand, there is an efficient government that has taken the decision to build a New India, on the other hand, there is a man who only makes announcements and abstains from making any promise.

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