Narendra Modi Govt to give 10% Reservation to Economically Backward Upper Castes

Narendra Modi Govt to give 10% Reservation to Economically Backward Upper Castes

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NEW DELHI: In an important decision, the Cabinet of the Union approved on Monday a 10 percent reserve for economically backward members of the upper castes in government posts. The benefits of the reserve will be granted to those who belong to the economically weaker upper castes and earn less than Rs 8 lakh per year, according to the decision made by the Cabinet of the Union.

Citing government sources, the ANI news agency confirmed that the Cabinet of the Union approved a reserve of 10 percent for the upper castes.

According to the sources, the quotas for the economic backwardness in the general category will exceed the existing 50 percent reserve.

The decision to this effect was taken during a meeting of the Cabinet of the Union, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After the approval of the Union Cabinet, the Narendra Modi government will move to amend the Constitution in order to grant a 10 percent reserve for the economically weaker upper castes.

The government is likely to submit a draft constitutional amendment on quotas for economically weaker sections in parliament on Tuesday, the sources said.

The decision effectively means that those who are economically backward and fall into the general category can now enjoy the benefits of the reserve in government jobs, an advantage that was not previously available to them.

The development also acquires importance, since it takes place several months before the crucial elections of Lok Sabha, which are likely to be held between April and May.

The decision of the Union Cabinet is being seen as a major coup by the BJP to consolidate its position among several communities of dissatisfied castes before the Lok Sabha polls.

Several NDA allies, including the LJP led by Ram Vilas Paswan and the RPI led by Ramdas Athawale, had in the past claimed reservations for members of the upper caste economically backward in government jobs.

The Supreme Court has limited 50% of the quota for the reserve based on caste for government jobs.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi described the move as an election gimmick. I have tweeted that the government announced the decision only three months before the model code of conduct will be put in place for the general elections.

The former finance minister, Yashwant Sinha, who resigned from the BJP last year, called him ‘jumla’. He said the measure is fraught with judicial complications and that the government does not have time to approve it in Parliament.

Delhi’s head of government, Arvind Kejriwal, tweeted on Twitter saying the measure would be “simply an electoral trick” if the constitutional amendment is not approved immediately.

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