‘Mulayam Singh govt buried Karsevaks, conspired to hide actual number of casualties’: Republic TV exposé

‘Mulayam Singh govt buried Karsevaks, conspired to hide actual number of casualties’: Republic TV exposé

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In an operation conducted by Republic TV, the channel aims to reveal that the innumerable Karsevak were killed by the Police in 1990 under the government of Mulayam Singh. The bite also claims to reveal that the Karsevak were denied the proper Hindu funeral rites, as they were buried instead of being cremated.

In the trap, one can listen to Veer Bhadur Singh, former SHO Ram Janambhoomi Thana, one of the main officials involved in the matter, who is said to have innumerable bodies buried and some were cremated. And it was on the basis of the cremations that the state government of that time gave a very poor account of the Hindus who were killed.

The trap also states that, contrary to what the Mulayam Singh government claims that only 16 Hindus died, the actual number may have been hundreds. And then the government conspired to hide the real numbers by burying the Karsevak instead of cremating them, Republic claims.

October 30 and November 2, 1990, were two of the darkest days in the history of independent India when the secular state opened fire on the unarmed Karsevaks who had gathered in Ram Janambhoomi.

By order of Mulayam Singh Yadav, the police opened fire on Hindu devotees killing countless of them. The situation of Republic seems to prove that official records were definitely wrong about it.

In 2016, Mulayam stated that although he was sorry, shooting Karsevaks was necessary to protect Muslim sentiments. He had said: “I regret having given orders to shoot kar sevaks to Ayodhya.” My decision to order Kar Sevaks was to save the Muslim minorities, this decision was necessary to keep the faith of the Muslims intact in this country. .

Perhaps it is a testimony to the biased nature of the Indian media that the atrocious incident was largely suppressed all these years by the so-called “independent journalists”. And even after assassinating Hindu devotees in cold blood, these politicians are allowed to present themselves as the guardians of secularism in the country.

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