Jaya Prada opens up about Contemplating Suicide after her Morphed Photos were Circulated

Jaya Prada opens up about Contemplating Suicide after her Morphed Photos were Circulated

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The actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada, during an interaction with PTI, made serious accusations against the leader of the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Rampur MLA Azam Khan. She talked about how people talked badly about their relationship with politician Amar Singh. Jaya said: “Many people have helped me in my life and Amar Singh is my godfather”, expressing the negativity of their relationship. She also said that people will talk about them even after she relates a rakhi with Amar Singh.

Jaya Prada shared her thoughts about contemplating suicide when her transformed photos began to roll. She said: “Amar Singh was on dialysis and my transformed images were circulating in the region, I was crying and saying that I do not want to live anymore, I want to commit suicide, I was going through that trauma and no one supported me”. me. “Prada also added:” Only Amar Singh ji, who came out of his dialysis, stood by my side and supported me. What will he think of him? The godfather or someone else? Even if I link you to rakhi, will people stop talking? I do not care what people say. ”

He went on to say: “Even as a member of parliament at a party, he did not save me, Azam Khan harassed me, he tried to attack me with acid, I was not sure if he would be alive the next day.” Tell the mother as she left the house. I was sure if I would ever go back home.

Jaya Prada concluded by saying: “Whatever you show in the movie Manikarnika, I feel that it was like that, a woman can also take the avatar of the goddess Durga.”

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