Ignore Cardio, Weight Training Will Make You A Beast In Bed

Ignore Cardio, Weight Training Will Make You A Beast In Bed

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I practice and promote natural bodybuilding for certain reasons, and two of the most important are to be functional and have a great sex life. If you ask a juicer, the use and abuse of steroids affects your sex life. There is a difference between being fit and being fit. A juice lifter may seem shattered and harder than a natural lifter, but when it comes to real life performance, the natural lifter will always come out with the upper hand. However, in this article, I will highlight the relationship between sex and training and what exercises can help you improve your performance in bed. After all, there is no point of work if you are a beast in the gym but a loser in bed.

Weight training = More testosterone production = More sex

Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for all male characteristics, such as the accumulation of muscle mass, thick voice, facial hair and, most importantly, sexual desire. There is a direct relationship between weight training and sexual performance. One of the main benefits of weight training is the increase in testosterone production. Our muscles contract and lengthen when we train with weights. This severe contraction of the muscles, leads to a greater production of T. The greater the testosterone, the greater your libido and that will show when you finally get depressed and get dirty.

Excessive cardio = sexual embarrassment

Too much cardio is catabolic by nature, there is no way to avoid this fact. Research on distance runners and tri-athletes have shown unfathomable levels of cortisol (stress and muscle wasting hormone). While cortisol also occurs during weight training, its effects are offset by the simultaneous production of GH (growth hormones) and testosterone. Unlike the common belief, cardio is actually junk in the search for a lean physique. The best thing that a cardio can do is the skinny fat of being already fat.

Exercises that literally increase sexual performance

Money movements or compound movements again prove their worth when it comes to high testosterone production. The movements of multiple joints recruit more total muscle mass and create a challenging motor pattern that eventually leads to greater metabolic stress in your body. This forces your CNS (central nervous system) to drive greater production of T.

  • Deadlift

The mother of all exercises, the deadlift works in several muscle groups at the same time. However, the primary muscles that function during a deadlift are the erector group of the spine (muscles of the lower back), the latissimus dorsi (muscles of the back), the traps, all muscles central, the forearms, the gluteus (gluteus muscles), the hamstrings and, to a certain extent, the calf muscles as well. The deadlift is one of the most functional exercises that increase the performance of your real life. Therefore, incorporate the dead weight for a lively sex life.

  • Power Moves And Sprinting

The movements of power are the movements that require you to act very quickly in a very short period of time. Of course, they are composite in nature. Your body here acts as a unit and produces energy explosively. Snatch, clean and shake, press and other similar Olympic movements are a good example of power movements. Your body acts as a unit and the CNS is pushed to act in conjunction with muscle contraction. Result? Better production of T

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

To clarify things and question stupid traditions, HIIT is NOT cardio. It is not an aerobic activity. In fact, it is anaerobic activity. HIIT causes the body to function as a unit, which leads to maximum impact on the muscle of the entire body.

Therefore, train like a beast in the gym and act like a beast in bed!

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