Here’s why you should be excited about the Galaxy A9, the world’s first quad-camera smartphone.

Here’s why you should be excited about the Galaxy A9, the world’s first quad-camera smartphone.

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Eighteen years after possibly launching the first mobile phone with a built-in camera, Samsung has done it again.

Just when you thought that innovation in smart phone technology was stagnating and maybe was approaching its nadir, the Korean giant has moved closer to the plate and has probably hit a home run for years.

The company, which also presented the “selfie” to the world, came forward and put four rear cameras in its latest device of the Series A, the Galaxy A9.

Yes, you read it well. Four cameras

The Galaxy A9 is the world’s first four-camera smartphone, one that could put some professional cameras in the shade, and that also marks a huge leap in how smart phone makers might think about phone cameras in the future.

An innovation that does not have a current parallel in the market, this configuration of four cameras for the first time in the world is a feature that is not currently available or that is expected to reach soon any range of smartphones of the highest quality in the world .

This is by design and shows another example of the Korean smartphone maker that knows its audience.

By putting a striking variety of cameras on a mid-range smartphone, Samsung is apparently offering the best companion for the young, genius and progressive millennials who do not avoid capturing and sharing their daily adventures.

Looking at the Instagram generation, we now know that Samsung has covered all bases with an 8MP ultra wide camera, a 10MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom, a 24MP aperture camera, f / 1.7 and a depth camera of 5MP with af / 2.2 Opening with Live Focus.

This is an impressive combination of cameras, one that would appeal to a broad spectrum of young customers with the many tools and tricks that Samsung has to put into practice.

Samsung has also made sure to offer daring and outrageous colors for this first quad camera configuration in the world. When released, the A9 is expected to be sold in three hitherto invisible options: a shiny Black Caviar, a frozen Lemonade Blue and a fun and feminine Bubblegum Pink.

Samsung also offers the A9 with a dual-tone reflective gradient design, something it has never done before: a clear and clear statement of who they think would want to flaunt the first quad-camera phone.

This combination of color and reflective gradient design stands out among the constant opacity of the black, white and silver options that are offered (especially) in the mid-range smartphone segment, and is intended for those who want their phones Reflect your fun and Fashion personalities.

In general, it is clear that Samsung intends to offer a perfect combination of features, specifications, design and colors for its friendly and loving millennial neighbor.

The Galaxy A9 will be launched today across India, after Samsung will start making advance bookings, and can bet its last dollar that the whole millennium is aligned to put it (and those four cameras) in its footsteps.

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