Facebook Scam “I Need Money”

Facebook Scam “I Need Money”

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If you ever get a message from one of your friends on Facebook asking for financial help, think twice: this could be a scam on Facebook. There has been a scam on Facebook that is causing some people to lose large amounts of money, and it is not the only one.

It Starts this Way

A hacker initiates this Facebook scam by logging into his account and posting a request for help on his Facebook page. They can even go so far with this scam to change their username and password, which prevents them from accessing their own Facebook page. Here is the worst part of this scam: they then send messages to all your Facebook friends asking for money and stating that you are in dire need and that you need the money immediately.

Your friend Receives a Facebook Message
The message that your friend receives from this Facebook scam seems real. It seems that it is from you. After all, it comes from your Facebook page, so who else could it be?

Thinking that the message is real, and that it really is yours, they send money to the account that the hacker set up for this Facebook scam. It could be an address for them to send a check, or it could be something like PayPal. Who knows? You do not get the money from this Facebook scam, the hacker does.

What you can Do

  • The most obvious thing you can do to prevent this Facebook scam from leaving your Facebook page is to check your Facebook page every day and make sure everything is as it should be and that you can log in. of those who do not have time to review their Facebook pages every day, with the rare possibility that it is our Facebook page, which is a victim of this Facebook scam. So, what else can be done to avoid this Facebook scam?
  • Notify all your friends on Facebook about this scam on Facebook, maybe by sending them a message with a link to this warning so they can read about this scam on Facebook.
  • If it is the person who receives a message from your friend asking for money, call your Facebook friend or send him an email using his other email address. Check, because maybe they really need money and you can help them, or maybe it’s a scam.

What will Facebook do?

Facebook is aware of this scam and is doing everything in its power to make sure you are safe. They have started to set up a system that will notify people each time a change is made to their account. This can be annoying for those of you who change your accounts a lot, but it’s worth it if it prevents you from being a victim.

Facebook is also trying to configure the security settings that will detect this type of scam and prevent it from happening in the first place.

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