Doing These 4 Things Can Make Any Man A Champion In Bed

Doing These 4 Things Can Make Any Man A Champion In Bed

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Some of the frequently asked questions of men are: “How to improve our sex life?” Or “How to get better erections?” Now, the questions are many, but the answers are limited and less known. Here, we break down the secrets behind achieving an incredible sex life.

1. Stop Watching Porn

I can already see the disappointment in most of your faces, but it is what it is. Let me tell you that pornography has not only destroyed relationships, it has also ruined marriages. You can ask how? Well, not directly. The current world of high-definition porn, along with high-speed internet, has fueled porn addiction. The problem with pornography is that it raises your expectations to an unrealistic level. Finally, you begin to compare your partner with a porn star that you like to see. Of course, the porn star looks nothing less than a goddess thanks to tons of makeup, artificial lighting and plastic surgeries. When you do not find the same in your partner, mentally turns off. Now you understand the drift, right? This has not only caused erectile dysfunction induced by pornography, but also less sexual desire. Thank your usual habits of watching pornography in solitude now!

2. Lifting Weights

When I say weights, I mean grab a pair of dumbbells or get under the bar to lift some heavy weight. Please stop with the excess cardio!

Is that how it works:

The weight gain results in a reduction in the level of body fat while building new muscle tissue, which eventually increases the production of testosterone (sex hormone).

Testosterone is what they say it gives you the ‘mojo’. Lifting weights will not only put you in better shape and make you more attractive, but it will also give you the stamina and energy to last longer in bed. Remember, weight training is not just for bodybuilders; It is for anyone looking for better health.

3. Take a Generous Break

Sleeping from 7 to 9 hours not only requires having a clear mind and energy levels, but also ensuring that your sex life remains good. People suffering from chronic sleep deprivation are often irritable and fatigued, both mentally and physically. I’m sure you do not want both when you want to have a good sex life.

4. Limit the Consumption of Tobacco and Alcohol

You already know that both are bad for the liver, the lungs, the heart and what not. But did you know that these addiction-forming substances are also bad for your sex life? The prolonged consumption of alcohol suppresses the production of testosterone in the testes. As we have already discussed about testosterone and its role in sex life, I will not repeat what the suppression of testosterone means. Smoking as we know represents a great risk to the health of the heart. Not only this, it seriously affects your blood supply to the organs and that includes your genitals as well. The supply of blood to the penis below the optimal level does not mean difficult erections and, therefore, poor sex life.

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