Interviewing Skills: How to Recognize & Hire The Best

Interviewing Skills: How to Recognize & Hire The Best

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Recognize the importance of good talent, but find it difficult to drawn excellent candidates for your organization? Hired major duds in the past?

Hiring is a complicated aspect of building an organization, and something most people get 100% wrong!

But those that do build long-lasting brands, massive empires, and companies that spur innovation.

The difference between hiring right and hiring wrong can be the life or death of an entire organization. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know the best practices of hiring..

Who is the target Audience?

  • A person in a hiring position
  • A member of an organization that hires
  • A hiring manager
  • Anyone who has to conduct interviews.


  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.


    • Conduct interviews with confidence
    • Learn interview tips to hire the best
    • Use science-based interviewing skills
    • Have a step-by-step interview preparation process – that works
    • Know which interview techniques work, and which don’t
    • Design interview questions that determine if the candidate is the right fit for the job
    • Conduct interview training for others in your organization
    • Know that you have the interview skills to build an A-player team.


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