Anushka Sharma writes to Twin Sister Julia Michaels Breaks the internet

Anushka Sharma writes to Twin Sister Julia Michaels Breaks the internet

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Anushka Sharma has an invaluable reaction to her appearance as Julia Michales after the American singer sent a tweet to the actress about her surprising resemblance to each other.

Julia is currently breaking the Internet with her strange resemblance to Anushka. She looks mysteriously similar to the Bollywood star in a recent set of photos published by her on social media.

She wrote: “Hello, @AnushkaSharma apparently we are twins hahaha”. Even Anushka responded to his tweet saying, “My God, yes, I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our Dopplegangers all my life.”

His comment refers to the popular saying that apparently there are seven people who look alike in the world.

Julia then joked that they should exchange places for a day.

These are some of the best memes that Twitterati created and believe us you will definitely find yourself laughing out loud with these :

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