8 Pride Movies You Could Watch This Valentine’s Day To Celebrate Love

8 Pride Movies You Could Watch This Valentine’s Day To Celebrate Love

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People have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Some agree and make it the day to celebrate love. Some find it too cliché. But there are also a lot of people who really want to celebrate, but due to the pressures of society they can not do it openly. We are talking about the pride community! 2018 was the year of positive change for India, and Section 377 was decriminalized. And so, we thought that we would recommend some of the best pride movies to see on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of how you identify yourself in terms of gender, you must include them in your watchlist.

1. Alex Strange Love

A young man who tries to lose his virginity with a beautiful girl realizes that halfway he feels equally attracted to another boy. This embarks on his journey of discovering himself.

2. Looking

Looking started as a web series about three homosexual friends that lasted two seasons. The last part became a movie where one of the friends is ready to get married. A journey to conclude what true love is about and how you should love the person who loves you instead of the person you love.

3. Fourth Man Out

The film is about how a gay friend goes out with his other heterosexual friends. Then it leads to how heterosexual friends accept it and find their perfect date.

4. Handsome Devil

A beautiful story about how two best gay friends stand together and take care of each other through thick and thin.

5. Those People

If they gave you a choice, would you choose your best friend or love? This film shows how two best gay friends struggle with their emotions and their relationships.

6. Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List

The relationship between the two best friends faces agitation when one of them breaks the pact they made when they were children.

7. The Danish Girl

The journey of a husband to his wife and how she is by his side while he makes life-changing decisions.

8. Loev

A hiking trip becomes an emotional roller coaster between two homosexual men who juggle their individual emotions and how it affects their overall situation.

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