Here Is Why Sreesanth Has Become Public Enemy Number 1 On ‘Bigg Boss 12’

Here Is Why Sreesanth Has Become Public Enemy Number 1 On ‘Bigg Boss 12’

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Regarded by many as an attempt to clean up his image after the spot repair scandal in 2013, after the BCCI banned him from cricket for life, Sreesanth’s foray into the house of “Bigg Boss” has only tarnished his reputation. .

From the first day, the controversy has followed Sreesanth even within the infamous reality television show, now in its 12th season.

Either his inability to cope with the conditions inside the house, which led him to threaten to leave the program on many occasions, to his continuous fights with several of his housemates, among them Surbhi Rana, who was not famous , who did not respect at all (showing the middle finger along with leaving it on the ground stating that he had been paid in millions of people to appear in the program) while serving a sentence in Bigg Boss prison, Sreesanth has shown that he only has a massive ego (he needs to be constantly massaged, as the television actress Dipika Kakkar has done, who spoils him despite his outbursts and unreasonable expectations, but he also does not know how to play fair (great surprise!) or participate in sporty way in the challenges.

The last straw was the incident where he spat the name of a contestant and singer from a small town, Deepak Thakur, and then refused to acknowledge his mistake.

Sreesanth has actively annoyed many of the housemates, who have quickly ruled out his admiration for the former athlete, and now they are seeing him for the less than perfect human being he really is.

His homophobic comments about the new wildcard entry, television actor Rohit Suchanti, have sunk Sreesanth to a new low, prompting former Bigg Boss participant Vikas Gupta to call him for his behavior. Commenting on Rohit’s choice to wear purple shorts, Sreesanth made an analogy between clothes and sexual orientation, which implies that Rohit is effeminate because she wears purple shorts.

However, what is even worse is the implication that Sreesanth considers the LGBTQ identity to be something to mock. Interestingly, in the following scenes of the same episode, Sreesanth himself is wearing different attires in purple tones.

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