You will Never Eat Non-Veg After Watching This…..Go Vegetarian/Vegan

You will Never Eat Non-Veg After Watching This…..Go Vegetarian/Vegan

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In the next few minutes, you will be given an eye-opening look behind the closed doors of modern farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants – revealing the journey that animals make from farm to fridge, in India and beyond.

Going Vegetarian or Vegan May Not Be The Easiest Things to Do, But Surely One of The Most Effective…

Vegetarians Do Not Eat Anything that Was once Alive (Meat- This includes Fish and Chicken Too!), They Also Don’t Wear Fur and Leather. Vegetarians CAN eat Eggs.
(NOTE: Vegetarian may eat eggs, But eggs are STILL Cruel!!!)

Vegans Do NOT eat Animal Bi-Products (Or Anything That Came from an Animal). This includes- Meat, Eggs, Milk (and milk-products) , Honey, Gelatin (This Is found In Most Candy and Marshmellows- Don’t Worry! Vegan Candy and Marshmellows are available)
Vegans do not buy fur, leather, WOOL, Animal Tested Products, OR anything An animal was killed 4.
Vegans Will NOT dissect any animal for science experiments.
Being Vegan May Seem Like the Toughest and Impossible thing, But it is not. Vegan cheese, yoghurts, butters, vegan mock-meats, Vegan Milk (Rice Milk, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Etc.) and lots more non-dairy items are widely available in most places.

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