Rahul Gandhi INSULTED India in Bahrain by making this SHAMEFUL Comment

Rahul Gandhi INSULTED India in Bahrain by making this SHAMEFUL Comment

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Last Monday, the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, insulted India and said that India does not need silence.

“People in India are killed for religious reasons, judges die mysteriously, journalists die and the prime minister has nothing to say,” Gandhi said as he headed to a large meeting of the Indian diaspora in Bahrain on Monday.

“We will defeat them (BJP) in 2019,” said Gandhi’s scion as he answered the questions.

In addition, he affirmed that the creation of employment is “at its lowest point in 8 years in India” and that “instead of accepting that we lack creation of employment, the government is not doing anything”.

Rahul Gandhi INSULTED India When he Said:


Rahul Gandhi, who landed in Bahrain today, spoke at the convention of the World Organization of People of Indian Origin. This is his first visit abroad as party president.

The visit comes days before the scheduled tour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the region.

Non-resident Indians from more than 65 countries attended the meeting.

Calling Indian politics a strange experience, the president of Congress said: “I am here to tell you that there is a serious problem in your country, and tell you that you can do a lot about it.”

In praising the Indian diaspora, Gandhi said: “You send almost 3.5% of India’s GDP, you are responsible for increasing the wealth of the world.”

“Their patriotism is what India needs today … India can close any gap that comes their way.”

The President of the Congress met previously with the Crown Prince of Bahrain H.R.H. Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and his delegation. The leader of the Congress, Shashi Tharoor, also accompanied the head of Congress

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