Aadhaar Details Of 1 Billion Indians Are Available For Rs. 500 Only

Aadhaar Details Of 1 Billion Indians Are Available For Rs. 500 Only

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In recent months and even years, Aadhaar has appeared on the news quite frequently. But unfortunately, most of the time, it was for the wrong reason.

The government directive to link all the possible official documents that one has with his Aadhaar card did not sit well with the citizens of the country. However, all that backlash was drastically reduced because, well, what could one do? What done is done. If you want your SIM, your bank account and everything else to work, it is best to link your Aadhaar card.

However, what was revealed today has stormed the entire country. Again and again, the fear that our details of Aadhaar are leaked has come to the fore. And today, we have all proven to be right about it, even if we did not want to.

The Tribune decided to conduct an investigation in Chandigarh to determine the safety of Aadhaar’s details and the result was nothing short of shocking

Possible Misuse
Get SIM cards or bank accounts on behalf of anyone. Last month, a man was arrested in Jalandhar for withdrawing money from someone else’s bank account by presenting a fake Aadhaar card.

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