What are the Effects on your Body when you Quit Smoking

What are the Effects on your Body when you Quit Smoking

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After you leave the habit of smoking, then there are many changes on the body. All these changes are positive, which helps keep your body away from health problems.

When a person is smoking a long time, it is very difficult for him to quit. When you quit smoking, its positive effect falls on your body and your body begins to respond properly. Tobacco present in cigarettes reduces blood flow in the body and reduces oxygen absorption. When you quit smoking, then the damage caused to the body gradually begins to recover. So let us tell you what effects you have on your body when you quit smoking.

After 20 minutes: When you quit smoking, your body starts changing after 20 minutes. Your heartbeat and blood pressure start to be normal. Along with this, blood circulation improves.

8 hours later: nicotine and carbon monoxide start to decrease in your body after 8 hours after you quit smoking. When you smoke, carbon monoxide begins to accumulate in your body. Which is harmful to oxygen in the blood.

After 24 hours: When you do not smoke for one day, you go one step further to keep your heart healthy. Because of smoking, blood pressure increases due to which blood clots begin to form, which are harmful to the heart.

2 days later: At this time you start showing symptoms of quitting smoking. You seem to cigarette. You can eat some nutritious things to remove it. Which help in keeping your body healthy. By this time your lungs start to expel toxins.

After 3 days: This time you are comfortable in breathing. This happens because of better lungs.

1 month later: your lungs improve and there is less problem in breathing. After 1 month of quitting smoking, heart health is also improved.

3-9 months later: 3-9 months after you quit smoking, you also have to reduce the number of health problems and your lungs get better.

1 year later: 1 year after quitting smoking decreases the risk of heart problems.

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