Hrithik Roshan Urges not to take sides in his Recent Facebook Post

Hrithik Roshan Urges not to take sides in his Recent Facebook Post

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Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, who opened in the Kangana Ranaut controversy last week, took social networks on Tuesday to declare that he will no longer speak on the subject.
In response to an avalanche of interview requests by the media, the actor has chosen to maintain a dignified stance in the interest of human civilization and refrain from turning the affair into a public spectacle.

On his Facebook Post, the star of ‘Kaabil’ wrote: “I am writing this in response to the various interview requests I am receiving from various media houses. I have given two. Due to the media dynamics of our times there is a justified pressure on me to
I apologize to those who have made these well-intentioned requests and would humbly say that I do not want to speak on this subject. I have had to give my side of truth under some very convincing circumstances.

In the interest of civility and human dignity, we must not make a spectacle of this question. The media are an integral part of our civil society and know that the continuous discourse on this issue is gaining toxic dimensions.

I am no one to suggest what the media should cover or not, but if this case investigation is covered by facts through the evolution of the police investigation and the courts, that would be a respite for many of us.

I am extremely grateful to the people who have supported me in this painfully unlucky episode. But my request to all friends and observers would be to stop taking sides in this matter. This is an unfortunate problem and not a contest of classes. Before this is dangerously hijacked in a man vs. woman, insider vs. outsider, privileged vs. non-privileged issue we must stop. Please do not support me. Do not take sides.

No way am I trying to close this matter. The only thing I’m suggesting is letting the investigations be the only spokesperson in this issue from now on. ”

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