Yoga to Reduce Chest Fat

Yoga to Reduce Chest Fat

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To reduce chest fat, you need to spend hours in the gym. You can also make your body attractive by removing excess fat deposited on your chest with the help of yoga.

Fat on the chest can spoil your physical shape. To reduce this, people work hard at the gym, but Yoga can help you reduce chest fat. Different yoga postures can help you to reduce the fat of different parts of the body. Let us know which of these yogasanas can you do to reduce the fat of the chest.

Triangle Asana:

Triangle Asana i.e. triangle pose is very important for reducing whole chest fat. Helps to shape the chest very well.

Method of triangulation:

  • To do this, first of all stand your legs, your claws must be parallel. At this time, keep in mind that the weight of your body should be equal on both feet.
  • Now breathe and open your hands, then turn your breath straight by leaving the breath. If your body has good flexibility then you can touch the floor with the palm. If you can not do this then touch the floor with the help of finger.
  • Once you make balance then come back in old currency. Similarly with the help of the other leg. Stay in this post for 2 minutes while doing this.

Danur Asana :

To do this posture, you lie down on the floor and hold the leg with both hands to balance the stomach, this reduces the fat of the waist along with the chest and the chest gets the right shape.

Method of Dhanrassan:

  • To do this, first lie down on the stomach, then hold the claws in their hands by folding the legs backwards. Now breathing, bring both feet to the hips.
  • After that, keep the ankles instead of the claw, leaving the breath. Now lift the chest and feet from the floor while breathing. Also, look at the upwards while doing it.
  • Stay in this position for 20 seconds and then quit breathing after leaving this posture.

Gumukh Asana:

Chest fat, which means chest fat is reduced by this posture, it also helps pregnant women give correct chest and reduce fat after pregnancy.

Gauhmukh Asana Method:

  • Sit on the ground, keep your waist straight and tilt your shoulders. Keep one foot on your other leg and keep in mind that while doing so one of your thighs is above the other.
  • After this lift the left hand and turn it from the elbow and take it down from the shoulders towards the back.
  • After that lift your right arm, fold it from the elbow and take it back upwards and take it back on the back.
  • Keep the fingers of both hands behind the back in such a way that interlock each other.
  • Now try to push the head on the elbow and push it backwards. Try to look forward to it as far as possible and hold the posture accordingly, it is half a circle. Repeat this by changing the positions of the feet and hands, now a cycle is complete.

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