What are the things to keep in mind before Donating Blood

What are the things to keep in mind before Donating Blood

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Blood donation is a good thing, which can save lives of many people. Before donating blood, some things should be kept in mind that after donating blood, there should be no problem of any kind.

Blood donation is one of the selfless work that is done for society. Life can be saved from someone with blood donation. Before donating blood, it is important to take care of some things. It also does not affect your health either. When the person’s health is recoverable, the blood given by him can be kept safe. So that it can work for someone else. So let us tell you what things need to be done before donating blood.

Do not go hungry: People often have a problem of dizziness after donating blood. To avoid this problem, go for blood donation only after eating it. Drink plenty of fluid along with it, there will be no shortage of water in the body. If you are thinking of donating blood, then start eating ironed food for some time before. Doing this will not make you feel weak when donating blood.

Make a checkup: It is important to do a checkup before donating blood. During this checkup your weight, hemoglobin level and blood pressure are checked. By which you can find out whether you can donate blood or not.

Rest after donating blood: It takes 10-15 minutes to donate blood. At the time of donating blood, your body is taken 350 ml of blood at a time. The person is lying down while donating blood, which feels comfortable. Even after donating blood, take some time to rest as there is a weakness immediately after it.

Eat some after donating blood: food is needed to reduce the weakness that occurs after blood donation. Drink plenty of juice or water immediately after donating blood. Also, do not consume caffeine and alcohol all day.

Do not work immediately after blood Donation: If you do not feel weak after blood donation then do not do any physical work after this. Restore at least one day to reduce the blood donation effect.

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