Important Tips for a Healthy Karwa Chauth

Important Tips for a Healthy Karwa Chauth

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From morning to evening without eating anything and drink, women keep a fasting for their husband’s longevity. During fasting, avoiding health related problems can be avoided by adopting certain methods.

The festival of Karava Chauth is done to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and to increase love. In this festival, women keep fasting for their husband’s longevity. Keeping this fast, women open their fast after watching the moon at night and drinking water only after worshiping them. Many people consider it a myth. But all married women wish to keep this fast. Some women are very happy because of fasting, and some problems like serious health problems such as headache, jhilabana. If you can be healthy by adopting some methods to stay healthy during the fast, then let us tell you about these tips.

Do not Eat Sweet: During the fasting of Karava Chauth, avoid eating sweet during the morning. By eating sweet, you may feel hungry during the day. Therefore, avoid eating sweet to avoid hunger.

Eat Dry Fruits: Dry fruits contain high amounts of nutrients which help to boost energy levels. Therefore, should eat almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts in the time of surgery, feel energetic throughout the day.

Drink Water: You can drink water at the time of Surge before the sun rises. So drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water in the morning. So that you can stay hydrated all day.

Blow the Brain: Keep yourself busy to keep your mind from thinking about hunger and thirst. For this, you can read books, watch movies. By doing this, your time will also be spent and you will not be hungry.

Do not Eat Oily Food at Night: do not eat oily food immediately after having an empty stomach all day. By doing this, you may get sick and there may be problems in digestion too. So eat light food at night that contains high amounts of protein and carbohydrate. This will ease your hunger and feel energized.

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