Vijaya Dashmi : What is the Significance of Dussehra in our Real Life

Vijaya Dashmi : What is the Significance of Dussehra in our Real Life

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Dashehra is a very popular festival in Hinduism. This festival is unique in its perception and importance. According to the legendary Hindu epic Ramayana, Lord Rama had defeated Ravan by ten-headed Ravan on the day of Dasami and conquered Lanka. This is considered to be the victory of good on his unrepentant sin and immorality. Ravana had kidnapped Srita’s wife Sita. The end of Ravana is considered to be the end of evil and evil spirits, because he was a cruel king and evil monster. The festival of Vijaya Dashmi is not only associated with our lives but also its other significance. This gives us many things to learn in real life. Let us know what is the significance of VijayaDashami in our real life.

Victory of Good Over Evil

The festival of Dussehra symbolizes the fact that evil always leads to evil on evil, truth on truth and religion. The evil is so powerful, one day it has to end. Therefore, every person should remove the bad thinking from his mind.

Burn bad Habits

Ravana, Kumbharkan and Meghnad are burnt on Dussehra. It should be learned from this that on this day every man should burn his habits that capture our mind like lust, anger, greed, burning, injustice and cruelty etc.

Remove the Ego

Ravana had a lot of ego of his powers because of which he thought that he could not beat anybody. He achieved all the powers and found many boons by pleasing all the Gods but he could not overcome his pride, which led to his death. Humans should not consider themselves as self-inflicted as bigger than themselves.

Do not share your Secret with Anyone

Ravana called Vibhishan the secret related to his death, which he had to bear. It should teach you that man should not share his secret with anyone.

Walk on the path of Religion

Vibhishan adopted the path of religion instead of supporting his brother and gave him the support of Shri Rama. From this we should learn that we all should follow the path of religion. Religion is more than all relationships.

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