Omnia Tech Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Omnia Tech Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

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Omnia tech Cryto-currency or Omnia-tech mining offers the opportunity to take advantage of the merging of crypts-coins with multilevel marketing. This website is in its pre-launch phase, and they are giving a 20% discount to anyone who will register before the event starts on September 17, 2017.

Omnia Tech website provides a physical address that suggests they are based in Malta. However, this physical address is also shared with a number of companies doing business in the same niche. However, most of these entities are gambling companies.

As we delved into this opportunity, we discovered that this website was introducing an individual known as Thomas Hintermaier and claiming that he was the Chief Technology Officer.

But at the same time, Hintermaier does not support ownership of the Omnia Tech website. We analyze its social media profiles and find no mention of Omnia Tech or its affiliation with the above company.

Therefore, the owner of this website / company is not publicly disclosed, which raises more questions than answers.

In addition to this, the aforementioned domain of this website was registered some time in July 2017. However, these details lists someone named Christian Michel Scheibener as the owner of the website.

Therefore, this could also suggest that Omnia-Tech is operating with a business address in Malta, as there is evidence that this man named Hintermaier is operating from Austria.

So, in one way or another, we assume that this company is operating in Austria or somewhere in Europe. There are only two possibilities here.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of discrepancies regarding the whereabouts of this company / website. The people who are responsible for launching this MLM are not willing to clear this mess by making these critical public details.

So what exactly are we saying? Are we backing up or whitelisting Omnia Tech right away? Here’s what you should know:

Omnia Tech Review: The Truth!

Background Details for Mr. Thomas Hintermaier

According to his biography, Mr. Hintermaier has 10 years of experience in the field of quality management and production planning. He has also worked with the insurance industry, which has allowed him to master the technical aspects of the industry in terms of acquisition, consulting and customer service.

Then, in 2010, this guy shifted his focus towards developing guidelines that would see Internet projects take off successfully.

In addition to this, he also became involved in a project that saw him participate in the integration of a network platform in the construction sector.

Basically, this guy is an idiot of all trades. He has worked in all industries and wants to know everything.

What we could not do is whether this man has had experience with the MLM industry, and more specifically in the crypo-currency niche.

But as far as his biography goes, he does not seem to have worked in the MLM industry. Their experience is nil.

Therefore, even though he is starting something new in unfamiliar territory, he is hoping that things will turn out in his favor. Maybe you’ll make a few bucks on this project. But the question is whether participants or so-called event attendees will have the opportunity to benefit from the so-called Omnia Tech?

To answer this question, we need to consider the people who run this website. Do they have a reputation? Is this project sustainable in the long term?

Well, remember Christian Michel Scheibener whose name is registered as the owner of the Omnia Tech website?

At some point last year, this guy used to promote another MLM scheme known as Wor (I) d International.

He is now launching Omnia Tech, which is more or less the same idea as what he used to promote last year.

As always, when the deal sounds too good to be true, think twice or even three times. Here is a case of an MLM scheme that is not at first with who owns it. It is the only reason why you have to think before joining or delivering your hard earned money to them. Never buy a ticket no matter how cheap or expensive the ticket is sold.

And by the way, Omnia Tech is selling tickets through a platform called The owner of this ticketing platform does not seem to have some sort of policy to investigate companies that want to use this platform to reach out to their audience. It seems that this platform only deals with money. It’s a typical hotbed of scams.

Omnia Tech products

Like all other MLM opportunities, MLM does not have a product or service that affiliates can promote. The only thing required to promote is membership in the so-called Omnia Tech business opportunity.

If you want to join, you should expect to pay a certain fee that Omnia Tech calls an investment. This is supposed to earn passive income in the long run.

They have a series of plans that ensure they can raise money even from those who struggle financially.

The boot plan is most likely the place where most people who join these plans start.

In the case of Omnia Tech, $ 100 will provide you with the initial plan. The kickstarter plan costs $ 500. The rest are classified as follows:

Line Miner $ 1,000, Mid Miner $ 3,000, Strong Miner $ 8,500, Master Miner $ 15,000, and Elite Miner, which is $ 25,000.

Earnings are allegedly paid out on a daily basis which depends on the crypto-currency you choose to mine.

However, what we do not understand is the advantage Omnia Tech gives you in this case. You see, anyone who wants to participate in crypto-coin mining can always do it independently – that is, without having to join a company like Omnia Tech to do so.

On the other hand, this website says that mining contracts are established through a company called Genesis Mining.

Omnia-Tech Compensation Plan

Affiliates are expected to earn 10% return on investment daily depending on how much they put in. However, this company also intends to run a binary compensation structure. In this case, the main affiliate is at the top of the binary pyramid, while the commission falls to members of the structure.

This is a typical example of a pyramid scheme where commissions depend on new members joining the group. You do not have to think so hard to find out what Omnia is, now that your compensation structure has become clear.

In addition to this, there are mention of bonus rewards. Again, these bonuses are earned based on the specific activities performed by your affiliates.

Although we already know that Genesis Mining deals with the trade of crypto-currency and is giving a good value for money, this does not necessarily mean that this opportunity is profitable.

At this point, you would want to know why someone would show preference to this group instead of dealing directly with Genesis Mining.

The answer is at the Omnia Tech MLM opportunity. No retail sales, this website simply fit the description of a pyramid scheme.

Our best advice for you about

The truth is that Omnia Tech is a dangerous MLM opportunity. They just want to make sales, hence the hype surrounding it. In the real sense, this is a money losing opportunity.

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