Famous Bollywood Garba Singers and their Income

Famous Bollywood Garba Singers and their Income

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The Navratri festival is here and people from all over India have prepared for the celebrations. The nine-day festival commemorating the triumph of good over evil begins on September 21 and ends on September 29, followed by Dussehra on September 30.

Navratri is celebrated all over the country although in different ways. However one of the most common ways to celebrate the festival, predominantly in the western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, is in the form of Garba and dandiya.

Garba enthuiasts across the country are swaying to traditional dandiya songs as well as Bollywood dance numbers. As the fervor of Navratri already stars brings us a list of singers and their approximate fee.

1.Falguni Pathak

Falguni Pathak considered as one of the most demanded Indian singers. He has also recorded numerous songs for Bollywood films. The theme of most of his songs is love. In August 2013, it was reported that she was supposed to make Rs 2 crore during the Navratri festivities of the year. In 2014 he paid Rs. 1.5 crore. Falguni share of Rs 1.10 crore for last year and this time is equally.

2. Preeti and Pinky

The Indipop Preeti-Pinky duo has been performing continuously for 18 years in Borivli now. They are always focused on folk and tribal singing. There are shows are booked months in advance. This year the singing sisters performing at Kutchi Grounds, Off Link Road, Borivli (West). Last year, the share was Rs 50-60 lakh, but this year the amount they are taking, is not conformed.

3. Bhoomi Trivedi

After Falguni Pathak if any singer is more demanding for what is Bhoomi Trivedi. Bhoomi who has sung Ram Chahe Leela from Bollywood Hindi movie “Ram-Leela” is being held in Mumbai and Ahmedabad to Navratri Garba. This time she takes fees from Rs. 50 to 60 Lakh. Last year, she had a show in Juhu, her fee was around 60 to 80 lakh.

4. Ismail Darbar

A popular face of Garba event, Ismail Darbar is from Surat and this year is also held in Gujarat. They were the most popular in Garba, but since the release of some new singers has reduced its popularity. Once upon a time we charge Rs. 80 lakh.

5. Parthiv Gohil and Lalitya Munshaw

Parthiv and Lalitya, are very much in demand in Surat. There they are also performing in Surat. Their garba songs are more popular here. They charge Rs. 45 lakh for operation. Parthiv is a replica singer of Indian films such as Devdas, Saawariya, Saheb, Gangster Biwi Aur, Kissan and many others. This year Parthiv will be performing at Nesco Center, Mumbai.

6. Soli Kapadia and Nisha Upadhyaya

Soft music singer Nisha Upadhyay Soli Kapadia is the main highlight of Garba in Vadodara. Instead of strong music their light music based garba are appreciated by the performers. The couple takes care of around 40 lakh.

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