Airtel Partners with SK Telecom for 5G Network in India

Airtel Partners with SK Telecom for 5G Network in India

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Within a week of its entry into VoLTE 4G, telecom operator Bharti Airtel today announced a strategic alliance with South Korea’s telecom company SK Telecom to bring 5G to India and build a nationwide high-speed network .

SK Telecom is known for using the latest telecommunication technologies and is the first in the world to bring 2G, 3G and 4G. It has partnered with Airtel to build the country’s most advanced telecommunications network. Both companies will work in a partnership to develop standard 5G technology in India.

Advanced Telecommunications Technology

In addition to 5G, both companies will also collaborate to work on some advanced telecommunication technologies, including Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Internet of Things (IoT). The result of all these efforts of Airtel and SK Telecom will be exclusively focused on India.

Future Ready Telecom Ecosystem

The strategic partnership between the two companies is aimed at building a future telecoms market ready for India. Both firms will work together to shape and enable a telecommunications ecosystem for the introduction of advanced technologies in the Indian context.

Best Airtel Network in India

This collaboration between Bharti Airtel and SK Telecom also focuses on a much better network for Airtel in India. Both companies will work to improve Airtel’s customer experience in India by leveraging the full experience of South Korea’s telecom company, which has built one of the most advanced mobile broadband networks on the planet.

Global technology for India

SK Telecom will help Airtel build a mobile network of global standards by identifying, monitoring and delivering all the necessary enhancements that will help improve the network experience to an individual device. This will be the first of its kind in India, and SK Telecom’s technology and expertise will help Airtel build a better network.

Search for a better Internet

There has been a massive search among Indian Telecommunications Operators to offer high speed mobile Internet to customers. According to the latest data released by the country’s telecoms regulator TRAI, Jio currently offers twice the bandwidth delivered by its closest rivals, Airtel and Vodafone (which is 18 MB per second).

SK Telecom’s 600 mbps speed plan

SK Telecom of South Korea developed the global mobile telecommunications industry and took it to the next level by launching CDMA (2G), WCDMA (3G) and LTE-A (4G) for the first time in the world. SK Telecom currently offers up to 500 Mbps of 4G speed with its carrier aggregation technology. In 2014, SK Telecom demonstrated how it will transmit data at 600 MB per second using the technology provided by Nokia Networks.

Airtel 5G Vision

Bharti Mittal has said, “Airtel has always hoped to bring the latest telecommunication technology to India.” Its new partnership with major telecoms SK Telecom will help them decisively change the telecommunication scenario in the country and put India on par with the most advanced broadband countries in the world.

High-speed Internet and better coverage

Both companies are committed to work in a number of areas, including custom software development to enrich the network experience by leveraging SK Telecom’s advanced telecommunication tools, which will include automated learning, large data and customized tools. This will help Airtel improve network planning based on each user’s device experience.

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