How to Organize Your Day?

How to Organize Your Day?

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We spend 10-12 hours in sleep, bathing, food and so on, so the remaining 12 to 14 hours which we can fully use. You also have to do the necessary work in it.

Keeping this in mind, we have divided this article into two divisions. The one who needs your daily life and the other who can help you to be progressive.

1. Sleep for A Good Amount of Time

You will be able to do any task easily when you take sleep from regular time. 6-8 hours of sleep is enough, taking a little less or less sleep than a reasonable time can harm your body.

Good sleep has many benefits. He keeps your mind tight and well-groomed and can increase the speed of work.

2. Take Out Time for Exercising

“HEALTH IS WEALTH” is a wealth of good health. Exercise will keep you fit, which is beneficial for your physiological and mental health.

Give at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Whether you go for stroll, doing yoga, doing gym, or doing aerobics too, but do regular exercise regularly.

3. Take Out Time for Entertainment

We know that whether you are a student, an employee or an owner, everyone has many functions. Tiredness is common in all of these, so do some recreational activities in your day or remove tiredness and stress. Take time for things like watching TV or talking to family or friends, in this way you will be able to stay away from stress.

A time of 20-40 minutes is appropriate for entertainment, give more than 1 hour to entertainment.

Keep in mind: It will not be worthwhile to spend more time entertaining activities, it will be a waste of your precious time.

In this way, your total of 8-10 hours goes on here and in many other works too. Understand how to use the rest of the time for your progress.

To Achieve a Goal

Whether you are a student or a businessman, you will have a target, to complete that goal, you have to follow this plan.

1. Set your Goals

Your mission means what is your long-term goal? Determine your goal. As such, anyone’s goal is to set up big business or to be an actor, to be a dancer and to have a goal like this, whatever is your goal.

If you can not decide your long term goals or goals, then there is no problem with the problem. Take a little time and ask yourself what do you like to do and what business interests you in? No matter how high your dreams are, it can be fulfilled, so remember my friend! 🙂

2. Make Short Term Goals to Achieve Your Target

When you have decided the goal of your life, then to achieve it, you will have to step up towards it, like every day will be like climbing stairs. Keep in mind your mission, make a list of such tasks that will lead you to your mission. You can also call it “short term plan”

To create a business like this, first of all we need ideas and planning, or if a student has to become a doctor, then he has to do his doctorate and he will have to work hard in the exam and get close to the good marks.

For example, inspect the following list.

Mission: Writing a Book

Short Term Plan:

  • Checking the genre
  • Creating Notes
  • To Create a Character
  • Framework
  • Write a Chapter

Likewise you understand your business and then make a list of small tasks. We can also call it to-do list, we will write an article in detail about how to create this To-do list.

Now know ahead how we become productive and use our time as much as possible.

Technique to Be Productive

1. 90 Minute Rule

This rule will definitely help you improve every day.

What is the meaning of 90 minutes rule?
Give your most important work 90 minutes every day. If you do a job or run a business, then you have done the work of your interest in the time remaining at the time of cutting it off.

Just like an author will be devoted to writing his 90 minutes or any player practicing his game, just give you 90 minutes of work every day.

In this time you can complete your short term goal. The short-term list you created before will guide you what you should do in that hour and 30 minutes.

If you follow this 90-minute rule every day, you give it to your target 10.5 hours a week, and in a month you can give up to 325 hours. If you have loyalty in your mind, then no work is difficult, dedication and passion for work is needed.

2. Move Towards Success

A master is also the first beginner, that is, any newbie can create a master when he continually increases his goal (Goal).

Every day, keep learning something, whether it is a new art or improving your old interest, our knowledge increases and the power of thinking also increases. If you have placed your guitar in the corner, raise it and play your favorite tune. To start business? So why do not discuss your business in the beginning!

So in the same way, you learn something new every day in your business and keep on increasing your knowledge, you will surely be able to make progress.


If you want to use your time in full, remember the suggestions given below:

  • Daily Refining Your Skill
  • Take a Good Night Sleep
  • Exercise is Must.
  • Take Out Time for Entertainment to Avoid Stress
  • Follow 90 Minutes Rule on Daily Basis to Achieve Your Long Term Mission
  • Importance of Organizing Your Day

We appreciate the importance of organizing our day. Just as a process of kitchen is done, a certain process is needed to make any work successful. By organizing your day, you can use your time fully, some important tips for organizing your day.

  • Please do not do much work, do not play from your sleep or healthy.
  • Do not give more time to entertainment, it will be a waste of time.
  • Prioritize the respective work of your target.
  • If for some reason your time-table is interrupted, make sure that no long intervals come and again start the work again with interest for your goal.
  • Remove distraction. Do not spend much time on social sites like Facebook, YouTube, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Hike, etc.
  • To accomplish any task, take the help of a friend or associate.
  • Follow your time-table firmly.
  • And have full faith in yourself, you can certainly become successful in your work.

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