Common Web Hosting Packages

Common Web Hosting Packages

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There are many things here that we will not talk about, such as Windows or Linux hosting, because this is platform based hosting.

In this post, I will talk about the type of common hosting packages like Shared, VPS etc. Most Webhosting companies currently offer different packages at this time. I’ll tell you about some Common Webhosting Packages.

1. Shared Hosting package

This is a very common and cheapest hosting package type for any new blogger. This is a very affordable package type that starts with $ 2- $ 15 / month according to your chosen option.

Shared hosting consists of two types of packages, one limited and second unlimited. Many Webhosting companies offer different types of hosting packages according to their limitations. For example, popular hosting company offers Hostgator logo to baby plan and business plan two types of hosting packages! Both of these hosting packages are quite different in price and price!

Bluehost and Dreamhost offer only a shared hosting package that stays with unlimited resources. However, these unlimited resources are like any one limited, so if anybody is misusing an unlimited hosting package resource, these companies can delete their account at any time.

But it is also true that the limit of these companies is very high. And their limit is so high that you can not cross the limit of time you use it in your website, due to which you do not face any problem in unlimited resources.

If you choose a company’s Shared Hosting package, then many more websites like yours are already hosted on the server on which your website was hosted.

This means that all the websites are hosted on an I.P and all those websites are given the same resources. If you are a new blogger then your shared hosting is the best option for your new website.

If your WordPress Blog is hosted on shared hosting, you can also run the reverse site lookup and also see that on which server your host is hosted on the server and which other website is hosted.

I will advise you that if you are planning to create a new blog, or if you are planning to make it, then Shared Hosting will be the best option for hosting that blog.

2.VPS: Virtual Private Server

VPS is also a very common hosting package which most companies offer.

Get your website limited but dedicated resources on VPS.

VPS is more expensive than shared hosting. But according to the need of dedicated resources, it works perfectly for your website at all times.

VPS is commonly known as Virtual root server / virtual dedicated server.

If you use VPS hosting in your website, then it solves your website down issues well.

If you use Virtual Private Server in your website, then protects your website server from harm from the outside! This means there is no chance of hacking your website.

If you are worried about the issues facing your website, then you can solve website down issues by using Virtual Private Server hosting in your website.

Two types of VPS packages are used in Virtual Private Server! Their name is Managed VPS and unmanaged VPS!

Unmanaged VPS

In this package, you are given the option of root access. That’s why you can do everything on your server. Including things like updating new script, updating packages. Linode is one of the best unmanaged VPSs. And its price is also very competitive.

Managed VPS

This package is great for them, which is a blogger and those who do not have much knowledge about more technical things.

In this also you are absolutely free to do anything at the same time in your virtual box using root access. If you take this hosting package, the hosting support team is absolutely ready to help you with any problem at every step.

For example, if you install any new package or addon, you can get complete information about this package from the hosting support team. The hosting team helps each one of you know what you know.

Managed VPS costs less compared to unmanaged packages.

3. Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is a great option for hungry websites and web apps.

If you take a Dedicated hosting plan, you get a lot of space and bandwidth in it.

If the traffic of your website is growing slowly, you should immediately transfer your website to the Dedicated server.

If you host your website on the Dedicated Server, you can control the aspects of your website. Your Website’s loading in the Dedicated Server is fast.

When you transfer your website to Dedicated Server, the traffic of your website is growing very fast.

If you transfer your website to Dedicated Server, the traffic of the website increases very rapidly. There is no risk of suspending your acount.

Along with this, your website does not lose customers. Dedicated Server also offers two types of packages. Which are known as managed and unmanaged dedicated server plan.

Apart from the common hosting packages I have mentioned, there are many more hosting packages. As far as I am concerned, I host all of my WordPress blogs on managed wordpress hosting, which is perfect for me. But its price is a bit higher.

All the hosting packages I have told about are all great hosting packages. You can choose any of these according to your price and need.

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