How to Wake up Early in the Morning

How to Wake up Early in the Morning

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Do you want to get up early but despite repeated attempts, are not you able to establish this habit in your life?

Do you feel unorganized, unmanaged throughout the day and leave your work even after running away all day?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.
Because in this article, I will tell you what are the benefits of getting up early? (Benefits of Early Morning), how to get up early? (How to Wake up Early) And how quickly can you become productive by getting up early?

So let’s start how to add a habit of getting up early.

The Important Benefits of Waking Up Early

Best time for creative work:

In the morning and in the morning, the peace of mind is at its highest level, so any work done at this time gives better results.

That’s why most creative people like to do creative work at this time.

Production time:

Your mind is calm, creative and focused in the morning, due to which you can increase your productive capacity.

In the early hours of the day there is noisy reason, which is easy to focus on the work, so that you can finish more work in less time.

Positive start of the day:

Due to the deep night’s deep sleep, your mind is filled with fullness in fullness, negative forces are at your low level and hence this is the best time to start positives of the day.

Facts found by Scientific Studies:

A study by the University of Texas has shown that early students who get up early in the morning get good marks from the late student and go ahead and be more successful than average people.

It has been proved by many more scientific studies that people who get up early are more happy, more enthusiastic and active than those who are late.

Such ayurveda and mythological Vedas have also highlighted the importance of rising early in the morning.

It has been reported in the Puranas that people who get up early in the morning receive beauty, intellect, health and longevity.

There are such important benefits that you can read here:

Even though there are so many benefits to getting up early, a lot of people do not wake up even today, and this is because they do not have the right knowledge of how to put them in the habit of getting up early.

So now you know how to get up early and maintain it.

How to Wake up Early (How to get up early in the Morning)

Find Strong Reason to Get Early

If you want to get up early then there is a strong reason for this, because if you do not have any strong reason then you will get up early for some days but will not continue this habit.

So find today, a strong reason, that you inspire every morning to rise early in the morning and you are full of passion.

Those reasons can be:

  • To get up early for your bright future.
  • To organize your day and to be more productive, it is early to get up.
  • To learn something new, get up early.
  • For self-development and self-improvement, we have to get up early.
  • If you get a very strong reason, you will not get laziness in the morning, but it will be fun.

Go to bed Early in the Night (Go to sleep early in the night)

If you have found a strong reason to get up early in the morning, it means that you have been mentally prepared to get up early in the morning but only this will not work because we have both mind and body to achieve any result More help is needed.

So now the next step is to prepare our body to cooperate in this habit, and for this it is very necessary that you sleep early in the night.

If you do not do this then you will not be able to help your body get up early.

As if you go to sleep at 1 or 2 in the night and try to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning, then you will not be able to get it because your sleep is not complete so your body will keep you in check.

And if you get up forcibly then you will be tired all day. Therefore, if you have to wake up at 5-6, then sleep before at least 11 o’clock.

Note: We need at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day, so keep this in view and plan to sleep and wake up.

Start with Small Changes to Get Up Early

Now you are ready to get up early in the morning, mentally and physically, so now our next step is to choose a right and ideal time for us to rise.

Now what is this ideal time?

Just like if you get up at 8 o’clock then it’s a good time for you to wake up tomorrow 7:45. Yes, it is just 15 minutes to get up early, the reason behind this is that if we make small changes only then we will be able to move forward and enjoy it.

If you wake up at 8 o’clock and start getting up at 6 o’clock, what will happen? You will get up to one, two or five days but then you will feel it boring and your body will not accept it.

Because till today your body had a different time table and if you made a sudden change in it, then its system would deny it.

So first day always start from 15 minutes, then keep it for 3 to 5 days, then add another 15 minutes and then keep it for 3 to 5 days and keep it up to the time of your goal (Goal). And keep moving forward.

Set Alarm Clock and Put Far

Now you also know what time to rise, so now set the alarm of that time and keep it somewhere far from your bed where if you have to close the alarm, then you have to walk 5 to 10 steps.

What will happen that you will not be able to snooze your alarm easily, because morning and morning sleep will be more likely to sleep and this idea can spoil your habit of getting up early in the morning.

So keep the alarms a little longer, keep it near the mirror and write down your strong reason, what will happen that, whenever you have the idea of ​​snoozing alarms and sleeping for a while, you stand in front of the mirror and loudly I have to say that now I have to wake up for my bright future, for my dreams, for my goal (Goal). This will give you inspiration and strength to end your sleeping ideas.

Reward Yourself After Waking up Early

This is our last step, once you have decided and achieved it, now it is time that we give some reward to ourselves, which will keep our habit even further.

For this reason, you can also give yourself a reward after getting up early, like if you like to play, you can play some time or if you like any food then you can eat it by making your favorite food. This gives us encouragement for next time to do even better work.

Now let’s talk about how we used to be the most productive after we got up early in the morning.

What to do after getting up early?

As if we put buttermilk in milk, we will get curd, but not butter but to get the butter, we have to churn the yogurt.
As soon as we get up early in the morning, we will get a good habit, but if we do not use it in the morning then we will not get the true benefit of butter.

So how do we use that precious time to come.

Do Exercise and Yoga

Exercise will disappear from your body and you will feel energized, this will also have a great effect on your health.
You will become more powerful, more young and more active.

So get up early, start exercising, do yoga or walk in the park.


Do Meditation

This is a very ideal time for meditation, at this time the atmosphere is very quiet, so you can easily get deep into meditation.
Carefully concentrate your mind’s powers and concentration.

Meditation in this sacred time is very reasonable.

Read Good Books

If you start your day with reading the self-help books, then your whole day will be very positive and confident.

Because the things we read in the morning remember us for a long time and this will give us a positive and knowledgeful start.
If you are a student, then you should read books of your subject at this time and this will greatly benefit you in studies.

Learn Something New

This is my favorite job, through which I have taught a lot and have taken maximum advantage of the morning.

In the morning, our mind is calm, concentrated and very sharp, this time is a very ideal time for learning something new.

So you can use this time to learn some new skills. For example, if you want to learn to sing, make painting, play a musical instrument or learn a new language, then at this time you will surely be able to develop a new skill.

Enjoy Sunrise

It is my last recommendation that after getting up early in the morning, enjoy the sunrise, it is an amazing sight of nature, it has not been seen to see it.

See how a fireball emerges from the east in the blue sky, how color fills in the sky, how the sun emerges, and how the sky spreads light.

See how birds humming in the sunrise and welcome the sunrise.

It is a wonderful and spectacular sight and what better start of morning can be.

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