Success Comes From Struggle

Success Comes From Struggle

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Conflicts cure life, acclimatize and carve them up and build them up, which does not wear out when they praise it. Struggle let us experience life, make them active and teach us to live. By stopping the struggle, not only do we go ahead, but also experience the right way of living – enjoyment. In a life that is not a struggle, there is no happiness and happiness. Just as the continuous exposure of the flow of the river changes gradually in the shape of the stone, and it once attains such a beautiful shape that becomes revered. In the same way our life also fades with the heat of struggle, wakes up higher, achieves the desired goal.

Haleen Keller, the first deaf and blind American woman to receive a bachelor’s degree, who became a famous writer and political activist in her, said, “The struggle is the greatest gift of our life. He also teaches us that even though this world is full of sorrows, but there are many ways to overcome those sorrows. “Similarly, according to the famous Speaker John D. Lamay -” The key to struggle is the life of Opens all closed doors and also paves new ways to move forward. During this, the courage of the person does not let him lose and continuously stops the struggle for struggle. “Tension of struggle like this brightens the life of a man.

Anyway, nothing in our life is simple. Simplicity and ease are not found, which is valuable, important. Every person has to resort to the struggle to get his destination and goal in his life; struggle has to be done. It is essential that when there are basic problems in life, in such a situation it is difficult to maintain the will to fight; Because in order to meet the basic needs of the target, it is also necessary to make a struggle (Struggle), thus the struggle of life is doubled. In such a case, if there is an internal force inside the person, there is sufficient physical and mental capacity, there is no problem in doubling conflict. Only positive attitude towards life and the goal should be to get rid of it.

There is no shortcut to success. This is the reason that no matter how much time has changed, the era will be changed, circumstances have changed, hard work and diligence have been made for success, in order to give its own success, moment in showing miracles And this is the reason that the history of attaining success by staying among the absences has been written with the ages, have been created. At present, there is a similar history being created, which indicates that success is not conducive to any kind of resources; success does not have to be a source of resources. Success can also come in the part of those lacking people, who strive hard and continuously move forward with strong will and determination. Even today, the new generation of young people is proving that identity can be made by struggling to survive the lives of the poor.

These days, such students are coming in competitive examinations, whose life lacked resources and their life was also surrounded by many problems (Problems). In this sequel of success, the country’s daughters were also the toppers, whose fathers used to be wage-laborers, and such sons also shone, who were raised in the slums – among the lack of hops. Whose mother’s house was deposited by the house-to-house chawl and the father became financially financially cooperative. Struggle in this way did the entire family together and shone their fate.

Every year our youth of our country prove that Talent does not flourish between the facilities and resources but rather thrives between strife between strife and shows its effect. If it was not so, talent would leave the great men like Kabirdas, Raidas, Dadu, but it does not happen. Each year, the young people of India say that the feudal life of the struggle (Struggle) does not dry up, but refines it.

The passion of struggle does not let the person’s goal and movement stop, does not break the ray of hope, but it promotes enthusiasm, euphoria, and this is the reason that today, in the country of darkness, lack of success also The lights are getting out of the way. Which also points out that it is not enough to get success and success in living between the comforts of life, but it is also necessary to live a life among the shortcomings for the right understanding of life, then only the true love and sense of life Moves.

If there are no struggles in life, then there is no all-round development of human personality. The success of hard work is found, it is unimportant, dissatisfied. If you do not lose courage while battling difficulties, struggling with situations, you get the rightful floor. Fighting the challenges, struggling (Struggle), the person sits on the living soul, sends darkness and publishes life. Therefore it is said that to be intense and talented, it should move ahead in accepting the conflicts and challenges at every step.

Talents make their own identity themselves. Their courage and willpower carry them from zero to peak and despite many conflicts and constraints, when they get success, they become an example for the entire society. When people with simple looks find extraordinary success, then no one can imagine how much they have spent in their lives, how much struggle they have done, how hard they are behind the foundation of their dreams. Even then, on their own passion, they continue to move forward and try and thus one day they touch the peak of success.

When someone decides to do something in life and strives for it honestly, then he gets success in success. Although he has to face many difficulties in this journey, many kinds of strayers come out, who distract him from the goal, get distracted. There are many types of options, they are also a hindrance in the way, but people who try hard and honest, do not adopt these options and shortcut paths and choose the right path of struggle and hard work while resorting to their passion, We strive to continuously refine our abilities and competencies. They make new paths for themselves rather than paths running on the road and thus become a perfect example for society. Success building is only on the foundation of conflict.

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