Congress free Bihar! 14 MLAs to join NDA

Congress free Bihar! 14 MLAs to join NDA

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Congress free Bihar! 14 MLAs of Congress join NDA The difficulties of Congress in Bihar are increasing. In the state, the Congress party has to struggle constantly for its existence. Here, 14 Congress MLAs have shown their rebellious post to the party. These MLAs are being asked to join the ruling party JDU under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar of the state.

According to the information, these 14 MLAs of Congress have formed their own informal group. In order to maintain their legislation, it is awaiting the participation of 4 other party MLAs in their factions, because two-thirds of the figures are necessary to maintain the legislature. Let’s say that there are 27 legislators of the Congress party in Bihar. That is why it is important for the party’s 18 MLAs to be together so that they can survive even after leaving their legislative party.

On the other hand, in the party in Bihar, unknowingly Congress President Sonia Gandhi has bitten the politicians of the state. Apart from this, Congress has accused the ruling JD (U) Chief Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of the ruling party of the state, by placing the party’s legislators lure for the post, and dragging them in their own back.

According to sources, after the breakdown of JDU and RJD Maha coalition in Bihar, the combination of Nitish Kumar with the BJP and the formation of the government again gave rise to the prospect of Congress split. It is being told that there was a situation of dissatisfaction in the MLAs since then.

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