Rapist Baba Ram Rahim having relations with more Girls

Rapist Baba Ram Rahim having relations with more Girls

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Rapist Baba Ram Rahim may have been imprisoned in jail for 20 years, but as everyone is revealing every small and big hobby of Baba in front of people, everyone is amazed. Yes, Dera chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim is very fond of bike stunts. Apart from this, you are all aware of Baba’s film life. Apart from these sophistication, there is also an aspect of Baba’s life, which will make you to chew fingers under your teeth.

According to the news, Ram Rahim, who compared himself to God, is fond of watching foreign girls dance. Not only this, in this work, Baba was given with his adoptive daughter, Honeypreet.

According to the news of Aaj Tak, on August 13, Ram Rahim celebrated the birth festival. In this function, not only the stunt stunts were done with the schoolchildren, but also the foreign girls were danced.

Before coming to the stage of Baba, the devotees in Pandal had shown the view of the Brahman on the big screen, after which Baba suddenly appeared on the stage as if someone appeared in the avatari male universe.

After this, Baba sat on the throne sitting on stage and saw the dance of foreign girls. During this he would not have any fear of any kind. Baba used to dance dance to girls from Russia. Apart from this, dancing was also done with foreign girls coming from utopia and Ukraine.

Source: livetoday.online

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