Dog having Aadhaar card in Madhya Pradesh

Dog having Aadhaar card in Madhya Pradesh

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In Madhya Pradesh, there is a case of making a dog Aadhaar card in Bhind district. With this, the question of credibility of the Aadhaar card has arisen. Police has taken Ajam Khan, the director of Aadhar Registration Agency, but the question has been put on the whole process. In the process of forming Aadhaar card, there is a considerable lengthy process in addition to the Aadhaar registration agency. The question is whether in this entire process is it not seen anywhere that the photo is taken on a card with a dog.

Aadhaar card of dog Tommy Singh was created with the help of a Aadhaar registration agency based in Umri in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh. On the Aadhar card, Tommy Singh’s father is named Sheru Singh. Tommy Singh’s birth date is November 26, 2009. Police said that he is interrogating the Aadhaar registration agency supervisor Azam Khan. The police want to know whether Khan has also created the base card of other animals?
According to the report, this case came to light when a resident of Kati village of Umri complained about Azam Khan’s agency by talking about the difficulties being made in the formation of Aadhaar card. This person had alleged that Khan’s agency was making the base card of dogs and other animals but he was disturbed. Umri’s Town Institution, RS Tomar told that a case of forgery has been registered against Azam Khan.

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