After Baba Ram Rahim its Baba Ramdev turn, this woman opened the secret of Baba Ramdev!

After Baba Ram Rahim its Baba Ramdev turn, this woman opened the secret of Baba Ramdev!

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Recently a book written on Baba Ramdev is named “Godman to Tycoon”. This book is written by an africar journalist Priyanka Pathak Narayan. In this book Baba Ramdev has been told the journey of life from becoming a yoga guru to becoming a Patanjali Business Tycoon. However, the sale of this book has been banned by a Delhi court, which has been imposed on Baba Ramdev’s petition.

But the Interview Agree Journalist Priyanka Pathak Narayan, given to a website, was the name of ‘The Poliester Prince’ written on the adventures of Dhirubhai Ambani, where the bookstales had disappeared from the country. In the same way, I feel that this book will also be disappeared from Bookstals. Priyanka said that through this book I have highlighted many mysteries of Baba Ramdev. Priyanka further says that during this wonderful life of Baba Ramdev many incidents have occurred, ie, Baba, the person who learns the tricks from him, disappears from his life. In these disclosures, Priyanka has given some generosity as …

Missing guru forever …
77-year-old Guru Shankar Dev, a guru of Baba Ramdev, went on a day’s journey and disappeared, and no one has been able to find him till date. Guru Shankar Deva had donated the property of Baba Ramdev to his divine Yog Mandir Trust and Arbo in Haridwar. When Shankar Dev disappeared, Ramdev was on a foreign trip, but Ramdev came to India after two months after the fall of such an event. In this case, the police resorted to haphazard attitude and the court handed the case to the CBI in 2012, but the CBI has not been able to disclose the matter till date.

Ramayana murder of Swami Yoganand, who gave license to Ayurvedic medicines to Baba
Baba Ramdev was given license to make Ayurvedic medicines available to his friend and Ayurveda scholar Swamy Yoganand in 1995, before Baba Ramdev made medicines on his license. He worked in partnership until 2003, but after that he ended his partnership. After sometime, the body of Swami Yoganand got in his blood-covered condition. In this case the police closed this case in 2005.

Due to Baba’s indigenous movement Rajeev Dixit’s death suspected …

Priyanka told that Rajiv Dixit had shown Baba Ramdev from Ayurvedic business to Swadeshi’s slogan. After this, Ramdev made his business so big, the blueprint of Ramdev’s extensive business was prepared by Rajiv Dixit. But during the program, Rajiv Dixit died in the bathroom in the year 2010. The cause of death was told cardiac arrest. But where does it go? On the second day of death ie on the day of cremation, the color of the body of Rajiv Dixit began to change, his supporters wanted to post his postmodel, but no postmodem was done.
Priyanka Pathak Narayan, in his interview, has mentioned many such names in his book “Godman to Tycoon”. I think that all this will pass away to Baba Ramdev’s supporters, but I have written all this after research.

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