101 year old Woman gave Birth to Children

101 year old Woman gave Birth to Children

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Italy: A 101-year-old elderly woman has surprised the world as well as science by giving birth to her child. The woman gave birth to a baby of 9 pounds. This elderly woman is living in Italy, but a Turkish doctor has done such an act by transplanting the ovary. This news was criticized in the medical world after this news. This was because ovarian transplants despite the female’s mature age.

After this transplantation operation many controversies have also been born because it is considered illegal under European laws. This woman’s ovary was transplanted by Dr. Alexandra Popliki in a private clinic in Turkey.

Let me tell you that in the past, a 67-year-old woman had given birth to a baby and gave a lot of headlines. People were wondering how this was possible. Anatolia Vertadella, a 101 year old woman, gave birth to a healthy baby. Doing such a thing in medical science is considered quite controversial and given the long life of this woman, it can be said inhuman.

Expressing her response after giving birth to the baby, she said, “Thank you, the whole team of doctors because they decided to go with me in my operation and I am very grateful to God that I was born to my 17th child Have given.

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