Tulsi will save from Swine Flu | Know 6 Benefits

Tulsi will save from Swine Flu | Know 6 Benefits

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Swine flu (H1N1 flu virus) is found in most animals like pigs. When consumed by these animals or when there is contamination of the environment by swine flu viruses found in these, humans can be infected with this virus when they come in contact with this virus.

Usually it is seen that the symptoms of swine flu are very common like sickness – colds, cough and fever, but these symptoms can sometimes be fatal.

Dr. Pratap Chauhan, ayurvedic, points out that consuming basil leaves can be very beneficial for getting rid of swine flu. Basil contains antibacterial properties that help improve the overall defense mechanism including the body and increases the ability to fight viral diseases in the body.

Ayurvedacharya Dr Pratap says that by consuming guilloy and turmeric with Tulsi, the body’s immune system increases and the probability of preventing swine flu is also increased. To avoid swine flu, avoid cold things that are likely to cuff, avoid them. And spinach, garlic and radish should be consumed. If cough is stored in the lungs, it is useful to massage the body with mustard oil.


Let us know about the advantages of basil consumption –

  • Tulsi has been considered as one of the prized and surprising herbs due to many medicinal properties. Ayurvedic doctors are now saying the use of basil is very useful and beneficial for prevention and prevention of swine flu.
  • Traditional medicine has failed to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The use of basil may also be the right time to replace alternative medicine. Basil improves overall defense mechanism including body and also increases the ability to fight viral diseases in the body.
  • Tulsi not only acts as a preventive medicine in the swine flu but also works to reduce the emerging disease. The doctor believes that by taking basil, the immune system increases and decreases the possibility of getting infected with swine flu.
  • Relieving stress, strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina, relieving winter, promoting healthy metabolism, removing swelling, reducing cholesterol, and having antioxidant supply in the body.
  • Basil is an antibiotic medicine. The power to keep the body away from diseases, especially for the common cold and flu, can help to speed up the process of early recovery and improve the health of the diseases.
  • The use of tulsi mixture with ginger, jaggery or giloye enhances physical safety systems. To control swine flu, fresh basil juice or empty stomach of at least 20-25 medium sized basil leaves or leaves should be consumed twice a day regularly.

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