Jism 3 Three men will love a Woman

Jism 3 Three men will love a Woman

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Three men in Jism 3 will love a woman. After the actress, film director Bunni Pooja Bhatt is ready to return to the industry by starting the third film of Jism franchise. About this, Pooja Bhatt revealed that she is ready to make ‘Jism 3’ and it is going to be more bold and hot than ever before. He said that three people in the film will be seen loving one with a woman. In which two heroes and heroines are known to be known, and the third face will be new, as in the previous films Sunny Leone and John Abraham.

Pooja Bhatt further said that in the next few weeks, another draft of Jism 3 will be ready. Then the artists will be selected. There is a face in his mind for heroin but no contact has been done so far. Regarding the story of the film, he said that Jism 3 will have a strong female role, which will show the three heroes on their finger and with their senses intelligently.

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