5 Reasons Why Harry Met Sejal Flop

5 Reasons Why Harry Met Sejal Flop

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When Harry Mate film dashed at the box office From the very first day, the film had started hitchhole, and on any day the film did not make such a collection that the trade would feel comfortable. The number of movie star shows like Shah Rukh was reduced to four days later. It happened hardly with King Khan earlier. Why is the film floping here is  5 reasons.

Reason Number 1: Script

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After watching the film, the question is being asked why did Shahrukh Khan agree to work on this script? Not only that, they also put money on it as a producer. The film’s script was written that there was no entertainment in it. There were also many flaws. Shah Rukh Khan remembers the past. I also cry once. Do not go home This makes the audience feel that something about their home or past will be told, but the film ends and nothing is shown. The viewer feels cheated Hero-heroine seeks story and viewer story throughout the movie.

Reason # 2: Trailer and Movie Name

Imtiaz Ali took a long time to find the name of the film. Only a few days before the release is the name fixed. The name is also very weak. It seems that it was kept to redeem the success of Jab We Met. The movie came before it could remember the audience name. The trailer was also released a few days ago. The plan with the mini trailer was unsuccessful. Everything was done and it was felt that the film was released in haste.

Reason # 3: Direction

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Imtiaz Ali has not given any major hit after Jab We Met. Even when in Harry Mate Sejal, he was not able to decide which movie he was making for the audience. When he got together such a big budget and big star, it was necessary that he made a film that appeals to more and more audience. He continued to please a particular audience and not kept anyone happy. Watching the whole movie looks as if the director is out of form.

Reason # 4: Release Date Shift

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When it was decided to release Harry Mate Sejal on August 11. On the same day when Akshay Kumar’s ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ was announced to release Shah Rukh got nervous. Now there is no confidence like taking a fight in King Khan. He released his film a week ago This went on between people that Shahrukh was scared. They do not trust their own film. This reduced the interest of the audience towards the film.

Reason # 5: Shahrukh Khan’s Movie Selection

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Anyway, if there is a superstar in it, then in the first three days, the film gets cracked. After that the film’s move or not depends on its quality. But when ‘Harry Mate Sejal’ could not even take the opening of the box office. It started to feel that the magic of Shahrukh is on the upswing. The viewer waits for the first time to get the report of his film and then decides to watch or not watch the film. In fact, the blame goes to the elections of Shah Rukh’s films. Some of his previous films have been poor, so the audience is not trusting them.

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