Better YouTube Videos on Slow Internet Connection

Better YouTube Videos on Slow Internet Connection

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If your internet connection is slow and you are troubled by “buffering” when watching a YouTube video, then YouTube offers another option for you where you can watch your favorite video of “Buffering” or at least “Buffering”.

This is a lightweight version of YouTube that has been named YouTube Feather.
The main difference in this is –
Simple comment box
No share and add to buttons
No Video status details
No Like / Dislike counter
Less number of related videos
Optimized Player
Now what you have to do to use it first


Visit the website via link.
Now you have to click the Join “The Feather” Beta option.
Now search the videos of your choice and enjoy their buffer without it.

Now if you need to go back to the original YouTube, then it is also possible.

You will get the option of a blue side on the YouTube site at the right side.

Something like this

Here you can just click on Just Once Once, temporarily or Permanently, you can use the original YouTube with all features permanently.

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