5 Bollywood Couples who Not Really made for each other

5 Bollywood Couples who Not Really made for each other

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In every decade of Bollywood, heroes and heroines have been well-known. Sometimes these pairs were a topic of discussion between people due to their films, and sometimes because of their love Though there are many couples who have seen the engagement door of their love but they never reached the marriage hall. However, when the love of these couples broke in the middle of the path, nobody believed that it could happen because everyone believed that these pairs would reach the pavilion till the wedding. So let us tell you about five such pairs.

1) Dilip Kumar and Madhubala:

madhubala dilip
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Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were the most discussed couple of their time. These people also made many films together and got their love permit during these films. It is said that these people were going to get married but before marriage, Dilip Saheb had put a condition in front of Madhubala that he will not work in films after marriage. What was it again, Madhubala refused to accept Dilip Sahab’s terms and both of them got separated from each other.

2) Mithun and Sridevi:

मिथुन और श्रीदेवी
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In the 80’s, the name of Mithun and Sridevi was dominated. Both were at the peak of their own career. It is said that love was interrupted between the two at the same time, but after some time these two separated. However, to date no one knows the reason for these two separation. The news came at that time that both of them had secretly married, but this has never been stamped.

3) Akshay & Raveena:

अक्षय कुमार और रवीना टंडन
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Now what can be said about this pair? Every child born in the 90’s will know about the love of these two. It is said that both of them had engaged at one time but when Akshay’s name started connecting with the line, Raveena separated himself from Akshay. On the break-up with Akshay, Raveena took a lot of publicity in the media but Akshay never said anything about his relationship.

4) Shahid and Kareena:

शाहिद और करीना
photo courtesy:- Google Images

After the most famous Bollywood couple added after 2000, it was Shahid and Kareena. Both started their career at almost the same time. Seeing both of these, everyone used to say that these people will get married, but the end of this couple is not too beautiful. These people have suddenly disappeared like this, no one knows today.

5) John and Bipasha:

जॉन अब्राहम और बिपाशा बासू
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In the year 2000, John and Bipasha love affair. Both have been consistent for nearly 15 years but suddenly these people also shuffled from each other. Although somehow no one knows what happened between the two, but now the couple has got married separately.

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